Palace Venus Campsite, one of the most popular campsites on the coast opens its doors for you with the 2014 summer offer. Extended over an area of three hectares, our campsite is the perfect place to spend your planned vacation, offering you a wide range of services (for further details see the related page).

Venus Resort has a large natural beach, which stretches over a length of 1.2 km between Venus and Saturn resorts, and a width of 200m. The very fine sand of the beach protects sulphurous hypothermal mineral water springs captured and utilized for showers arranged for in special areas. Bearing the name of the goddess of beauty, the resort is distinguished by outstanding hotel architectures, surrounded by vast green spaces. Developed as a spa resort, you can benefit from a number of treatments based on natural factors of our coastline: sea water, mud, aerosols, sulfurous mineral waters.

Mangalia Stud is the largest in south-eastern Europe and is populated only with horse breed: thoroughbred Arab, Light Heavyweight and several ponies. The stud is a place of tradition, being established since 1926. Then, in Mangalia were bred Arabian horses brought by the studs of Jegalia, Cislau and Radauti. Between 1936 and 1941, the stud imported from Poland new "lines" of thoroughbred horses: El-Sbaa and Nedjari. Thoroughbred Arabian stallions are trained daily by the eight jockeys of the stud that each takes care of five specimens. Training of 8 hours per day for each of the jockeys alternates sequences of trot, canter, gallop and walk light spread. The Mangalia Stud age "recordman" was the stallion of King Michael, Nedjari, who died at the venerable age of 34 in 1946.

Touristic landmarks

  • 50m distance to Venus Pearl Beach
  • 500m distance to Romania's greatest beach, Adras.
  • 500m distance to the Libery Parade site.
  • 50m distance to the Mangalia horse stud.
  • 100m distance to the amusement park.
  • 100m distance to the Palace Hotel Treatment&Spa lounge.
  • 3km distance to Mangalia (Callatis citadel, Archeological Museum, Touristic Harbour)

Entertainment outside our camping

  • Bowling, billiard, snooker, ping pong
  • Field tennis
  • Mini Golf
  • Pool
  • Traditional-music terraces